September 12, 2021

Session 2 week 2-

 This weeks basket includes Eggplant, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Garlic and a pint of cherry tomatoes. 

The basket includes all the perfect ingredients to make some ratatouille and maybe watch a specific Disney movie afterwards with the same name? This ratatouille recipe even includes cherry tomatoes, so its perfect! 



April 10, 2021

Spring Preparations on the Farm

 It's been a busy spring, with our number one challenge being finding the time to get things started and repaired. When we are balancing family activities, two jobs, pigs, cattle, track meets, 4-H, and veggies, sometimes the veggies get moved to the back burner. Mother Nature took out a few potential work days with some beautiful rain; beautiful... but you can't plant in the rain.

Thankfully we have windows of opportunity to get caught up.

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, we finally got our potatoes in the ground. (Ironically, according to my mom, that's exactly when the Farmers Almanac said to plant them this year.) With the Kubota tractor, our new potato planter, and helpers, we made quick work of planting the potatoes. 

Meanwhile, these two were busy cultivating the other half of the town garden.

Then it rained. And rained. And rained. Slow, steady, wonderful... but inhibiting. It did come with a little wind, that finished off the rest of the plastic for Hoop B. We got the plastic ordered to fix the buildings, and that list is long. We need to rebuild end walls for Hoop A, B, and C; put a new roof on Hoop B; cover the two mobile buildings; and tear down Hoop D.

Today we got back out to it. The kids and I cleared out hoop B. John said, "It's good to be strong" so I guess he felt like a super hero, pulling all those overgrown kale and bok choy plants. Now the building is ready for Jay to come in with his kubota and tiller, once we get plastic on it.

And the seedlings are growing well in the greenshed.

Next week, prom and a cattle show take over our weekend, so we are hoping to get started on repairs in the evenings this week, weather permitting. We won't be selling at the first markets of the season, but we usually don't. We expect to have stuff to sell by mid-May, just as the school year wraps up. 

Until then, it's plant, weed, water, repair, and plan.


February 28, 2021

CSA session 7 week 5

 This week's basket includes a Dozen Eggs, Radishes, Spinach, and Carrots. 


I honestly think of eggs as one of the most versatile things in cooking. It's used in everything from a delicious breakfast Spinach Quiche to our personal favorite Egg Drop Soup recipe. Eggs are also fundamental in binding together many of our favorites like hamburgers and meatballs. In my opinion, the best use of eggs is for an egg wash on top of breads. It gives them a nice shine and a great crunch.

Radishes are a great way to spice up any recipe. This Baja Radish Salad is one of our favorites. So is the Pink Goo Salad that Dad made up. It tastes really nice on top of a plain bed of greens. Now we all like French fries, but have you ever had Radish fries? I haven't either, but I think they'd taste pretty good. 

What can be said about Spinach that hasn't been said before? Spinach Artichoke Dip? Amazing. Mandarin Orange Salad? One of my favorites. People will even put Spinach in smoothies. (I personally like the fruity or chocolatey smoothies but that's just me.) 

Somehow we've managed to have our carrots last this long, which is honestly surprising because normally they run out around the middle of January. Not this year though! However, there are some drawbacks to that. You can only make so many carrot recipes and most of the ones you find online are all the same. If you search up Carrot recipes on google the majority of the recipes are all some variation of Roasted Carrots and then you get a few Carrot Cake recipes and it's right back to the Roasted ones again. What about the Carrot fries or the Carrot Souffle which I just learned was a thing that I would like to try out.

I hope you enjoy this week's basket and I hope you have a great week and since this is the final basket until the summer months, I hope you stay healthy.


February 14, 2021

CSA session 7 Week 3

 This weeks basket includes Carrots, Kale, Turnips, Garlic and Collard Greens. 

It may be super cold outside but inside this basket there's veggies to help warm you right up.

This soup with Kale and Carrots is one that I really like. Its also the kind of soup that helps you warm up quickly and fill up about as fast. 

I'd like to say that you can't go wrong with a good roasted carrot, but there probably is. However that might depend more on the chef and less on the carrots and the recipe. Also this one has garlic in it so that sounds even better.

This is the second time that we've made the Turnip recipe featured in this post here and there's no reason to say third times the charm here. It tasted amazing the first time around. It was also pretty nice the second time too.

Some people might not like rollups where the greens are the wrapping. They might complain about them being too hard and breaking when you try to roll them or that the greens used aren't big enough. However Collard Greens is the exact green they're missing. Here are not one, but two different Collard Green roll ups that everyone in our family liked. John actually said that it was better than a corn dog. Which is pretty impressive for John standards.

I hope you enjoy this weeks basket and stay warm!


February 7, 2021

CSA Session 7, Week 2: Soup and Dip Week

This week's baskets include spinach, bok choy, carrots, green onions, and watermelon radishes.

Why watermelon radishes? Because when you peel them, and oven roast them, they turn a lovely bright KC Chiefs red.

You are stuck with me (Linda) giving the recipes and commentary this week, as Maggie is working. So, what do we want to create with this week's veggies? Well, for the Super Bowl snacks, I would go with carrot sticks with spinach dip. Spinach artichoke dip is always a big hit, too. And definitely oven roast those watermelon radishes.

This week ahead is going to be cold, cold, and cold, perfect for soups. Vegetable soup is always an option, where you dump random chopped veggies in a saucepan with broth and spices and waa-laa -- veggie soup. If you like being more precise, here is a yummy veggie soup recipe. This spinach soup recipe includes many of our ingredients for the week, but seems a little bland; I think I would add some ginger or soy sauce to the broth.

Egg drop soup is always a favorite in our house. This version is lighter and less salty than what you'd get at a Chinese restaurant, and goes great with a quick stir fry

It's going to be a busy week around here. Besides regularly scheduled jobs, I have school board and OB call; Jay has newly weaned pigs, heifers to help watch for his own version of OB call, and a few thousand seedlings to start planning and planting; and the kids have band, 4-H, and work. So, we will definitely be taking advantage of the meat in the deep freeze and doing some simple crock pot meals this week. They make it much easier to eat in shifts. 

I would like to make this Beef Bourguignon recipe, but let's be honest: my roast is more likely to be this recipe. Let's call it the K.I.S.S. method. The pork meal will probably turn into this recipe for stew, substituting the stems of the bok choy for the celery, and adding the bok choy leaves in the last few minutes before serving. 

Hopefully this gives you call some yummy ways to stay warm this week. Go Chiefs!