December 11, 2010

Building a tunnel over a tunnel

We have started putting up our new high tunnel this week. We are building it over the existing tunnel because we are still harvesting crops inside it. We also wanted to get the ground posts in before the ground freezes. Also, we wanted to get the hoops up when the wind wasn't blowing. We had to carry the hoops over the existing tunnel and if they were to fall over and land on the tunnel, it would rip the plastic and cause lots of problems. We were lucky to have Derek come out and help us.

I spent 1-2 hours measuring and squaring up the area. Then two nights setting the ground posts. Then finally one more night putting up the hoops and purlins.

Hoop C


Hoop C with New Tunnel over it.


New Home for Hoop C


Next up, install base board, hip boards, and end walls. Cover the endwalls with plastic or old storm windows and then prepare for plastic to be pulled over it.

Looks like a busy Christmas Break for us!