October 23, 2014

October Glance

We started out this month hosting a high tunnels field day, which was fun and informative. It made me even more proud of Jay, seeing how expensive the kit buildings are and knowing how much less we spent on materials for ours.

At that field day, I had quite a few people come up and tell me they love following our blog. And with that, I felt pretty sheepish, as I know we have been posting more on Facebook and less and less on here. I will try to remedy that.

But for today, just a couple images of our buildings right kow. Jay has been busy tearing out summer crops, transplanting hundreds of greens and lettuce seedlings, and weeding weeding weeding.

In this, the carrots are in the foreground, and kale and other greens in the mobile building. To the left of the building, the green patch is oats planted to renourish the soil. And in the back you can just see or still-producing fall zucchini.

This is Building A, loaded with bok choy, lettuce, green onions, and I think tat soi.

And this is Building B, with kale, collatd greens, Swiss chard and I think spinach. I should be more sure, but I've been running kids to activities while he's been doing all this planting.

There is more growing outside, but this is a glimpse at our winter crop in its infancy.