June 7, 2013

Just thought I would share some pics of what we have growing. These are about a week old, but you get the idea. Tomatoes  photo 137_1322_zpsf2cd27ff.jpg Cherry Tomatoes  photo 137_1317_zpsb93fd318.jpg 2nd planting of lettuce, starting to pick this week  photo 137_1319_zps49b3527e.jpg 3rd and 4th plantings of lettuce outside  photo 137_1321_zpsccc64615.jpg Outside tomatoes and peppers, still more to plant!  photo 137_1328_zps642b4c88.jpg Inside Peppers  photo 137_1331_zpsbb642a5f.jpg Potatoes Hilled up  photo 137_1332_zpsa6cd2835.jpg Garlic  photo 137_1334_zpsf95ca648.jpg Inside Squash  photo 137_1339_zpsb1062335.jpg Inside little cucumbers  photo 137_1343_zps28e52f94.jpg Sweet potatoes and okra  photo 137_1341_zpsde63ca60.jpg  photo 137_1342_zpse41db921.jpg Jay