March 17, 2013


Last fall we got our garlic planted. This is the first year we have tried to grow garlic. It is just starting to come up. I am really excited. I should have mulched it last fall, but I never go around to it. I hope that doesn't cause too many problems or doesn't reduce my bulb size. Photobucket Here is a close up picture. Photobucket I will be weeding, fertilizing and getting the drip tape down soon. Jay

New Potato Digger

I saw this on our Local Facebook classified and I thought it looked neat and it would be very useful. So I just bought it and brought it home and for $25 how could I go wrong! Photobucket I was build out of scraps laying around the farm. The previous owner said his grandfather built it and he remembers using it and using it along with his kids. They just don't have any use for it and nobody in their family was interested in keeping it. I am sure I will try it out and see how it works! I may even try to mount it on a 3 point toolbar so I only takes one person to operate. Enjoy! Jay