April 28, 2013

Mulch layer Maiden Voyage

Finally had sometime to work on the plastic mulch layer this weekend. I added the roller and two guide wheels to keep it from digging in too deep. While i need to do some fine tuning, it looks like it is going to work! Is it perfect, no. Is it faster than laying it by hand, heck yea! I still need to add some heavy springs to pull the rear covering discs down to maintain better soil contact and finish the drip tape laying attachment.  photo 137_1049_zpsdc53ce04.jpg  photo 137_1051_zpsce8769e5.jpg  photo 137_1046_zps1578004c.jpg  photo 137_1048_zps28957a60.jpg  photo 137_1042_zps9093652a.jpg I made 4 or 5 minor adjustments while laying this test strips, the final adjustment dialed it in pretty close in the upper left.  photo 137_1041_zpsd1390978.jpg Same rows, done by hand 3 years ago.  photo cover1.jpg Once I get it finished, i will post a video. Jay